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Главная 16 Авто 16 Autoblog Minute: 2015 SEMA Show recap

Autoblog Minute: 2015 SEMA Show recap

Autoblog Minute: 2015 SEMA Show recap

Autoblog Minute: 2015 SEMA Show recap

Ram Rebel X Concept wishes it could go offroad at SEMA [w/video]

The Ram Rebel X Concept definitely doesn’t do anything quietly. The truck demands attention at SEMA with a coat of vibrant Copper paint and big, off-road tires under flared fenders.

Jeep rocks the Wrangler Red Rock concept in Vegas [w/video]

Jeep ran through the Nevada desert in the Wrangler Red Rock concept to get to SEMA this year, foreshadowing the special edition to follow in celebration of the 50th Easter Jeep Safari next year.

Kid Rock’s Chevy Silverado is a working-class hero [w/video]

Kid Rock’s design for a 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD at SEMA takes inspiration from the people that build them. His styling makes the truck shine with acres of chrome and black metallic-flecked paint, which also makes it look even bigger than it is.

  • Noah Joseph
  • Nov 4, 2015

Hyundai arrives at SEMA with three custom Tuscon crossovers, two Genesis Coupes, and a Veloster Turbo R-Spec, each done in collaboration with a different aftermarket modifier.

  • Chris Bruce
  • Nov 4, 2015

Chevy unveiled its latest COPO Camaro at SEMA. Courtney Force customized one of the limited-edition drag racers for the show, and it’ll eventually be auctioned for charity.

  • Greg Migliore
  • Nov 4, 2015

The Cobra Jet is back with a potent new venom at the SEMA show. Check it out in pictures and on video, here.

Honda tunes HR-V, shows Baja Pilot pre-runner at SEMA

Honda has a huge array of custom vehicles at SEMA this year, including a tuned HR-V with eye-searing pink paint and a Pilot support truck for Baja.

Kia’s regionally inspired concepts converge on Las Vegas [w/poll]

Kia has done up an Optima convertible, Sorento off-roader, Sedona photo platform, and Forte Koup buggy for this year’s SEMA show, each in tribute to a different region of America.

Nissan shows Titan XD diesel land speed truck at SEMA

Nissan and Cummins are building a diesel Titan XD to attempt a land-speed record run, and they’re showing an early version of the slippery truck at SEMA.

Chevy dials up the razzle dazzle for Special Ops concept

Chevy goes old school for the paint scheme used on the Silverado Special Ops concept.

Jeep Wrangler Red Rock concept brings Moab to SEMA

Jeep reveals the Wrangler Red Rock concept, based on the Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Hard Rock edition but with numerous special touches to set it apart.

Chevy loads up Camaro concept with performance parts

Among Chevrolet’s many SEMA Camaro Concepts, the Performance is a rather simple thing, with tasteful styling tweaks and modest tuning upgrades.

Honda Baja race truck previews 2017 Ridgeline at SEMA [w/video]

The Honda Ridgeline Baja Race Truck is competing in the Baja 1000 this year, and its styling points toward the look of production model for 2016.

Acura reveals Ludacris’ restored Legend, Galpin ILX at SEMA

Acura is rolling in to SEMA this year with a restored ’93 Legend for Ludacris, an ILX by Galpin, another accessorized ILX, and a blue NSX.

Toyota goes Back to the Future with SEMA Tacoma and Mirai

Toyota is celebrating Back to the Future at SEMA this year, with a Tacoma pickup made to look just like Marty’s and a Mirai fuel cell vehicle done up like Doc Brown’s time machine in place of the DeLorean.

  • Noah Joseph
  • Nov 3, 2015

Toyota Racing Development arrives at SEMA this year with five concepts, based on the Avalon, Camry, Corolla, Highlander, and Land Cruiser. If the public likes them, they just might even go into production.

Toyota races to Vegas with NASCAR Camry, Rally RAV4

Toyota is showcasing two racing machines at SEMA this week: the #19 Camry driven by Carl Edwards in the NASCAR Sprint Cup, and the RAV4 entered by Ryan Millen in the Rally America series.

Toyota shows track-ready and off-road Siennas at SEMA

One Toyota Sienna SEMA minivan will spank a Camaro SS at Willow Springs, the other is an four-wheel drive monster.

  • Noah Joseph
  • Nov 3, 2015

Toyota is highlighting its truck lineup at SEMA this year with a Land Crusier expedition vehicle, a Tundra-based limousine, and a Tonka-spec 4Runner.

BMW showcases M2, M4 with M Performance Parts at SEMA

BMW heads to SEMA this year with a pair of M2 and M4 coupes, decked out with M Performance Parts including aero, suspension, exhaust and interior upgrades.

Mazda shows lightweight MX-5 Spyder and Speedster at SEMA

Mazda reveals two striking Miata concepts, the MX-5 Spyder and MX-5 Speedster, at the 2015 SEMA show.

1970 Chevy Camaro gets 650-hp crate engine for SEMA

Chevy is highlighting its new LT4 crate engine by stuffing one into a beautifully modified 1970 Camaro RS for the 2015 SEMA Show. It’s just one of the latest additions into the Chevy Performance catalog.

2016 Chevy Camaro takes a walk on the wild side at SEMA

Chevrolet has four modified concepts of the 2016 Camaro at the SEMA Show to put on display what’s possible with some of the company’s aftermarket parts. One of them takes things even further with a custom coat of electroluminescent paint.

  • Noah Joseph
  • Nov 2, 2015

Chevy has rolled in to Las Vegas for the SEMA show this year with the new C7.R edition of the Corvette Z06, packing loads of special trim inspired by the racing model.

Chevy Colorado Z71 Trail Boss 3.0 concept heads to SEMA

Chevy does up a show truck for SEMA based on the Colorado Z71 Trail Boss Edition, fitted with extra features from the catalog as well as an array of custom parts.

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Autoblog Minute: 2015 SEMA Show recap

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Autoblog Minute: 2015 SEMA Show recap

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